GTEC Discusses the Benefits of Occupational Medicine on the News

At Golden Triangle Emergency Center we are proud of our emergency care for occupational injuries and the many benefits it offers both patients and the greater community. That is why we were so pleased recently when Angela Webb, our Director of Emergency Services, had the opportunity to go on KFDM Channel 6 news and discuss the emergency care of occupational injuries with newscaster Nicole Murray.

The Conventional ER Treatment Model

As Angela Webb explained under the traditional ER treatment model a worker may come into the emergency room due to a workplace accident or health concern, immediately receive treatment for the injury, and then be out of work for weeks recovering. The problem is that this can have a serious negative impact on the patient financially because the patient will likely be unable to work while they are recovering. Meanwhile the industrial plant or jobsite is also losing the benefit and productivity associated with that employee’s labor and they also likely now have an OSHA reportable or recordable event on their record. This is something we at Golden Triangle Emergency Center aim to avoid with our emergency care for occupational injuries.

GTEC’s Emergency Care for Occupational Injuries

By contrast at GTEC our emergency care for occupational injuries is designed to help get the patient back to work more quickly without compromising care or endangering the patient’s health. We are able to do this by first having our ER physicians evaluate and if necessary stabilize the patient. Then before more intensive treatment is performed our ER physicians consult with specialized occupational medicine provider. These specialist are able to make treatment recommendations based on workplace demands and the job duties of the employee. Together our ER physician and the occupational medicine provider can often formulate an individualized plan that gets the patient back to work more quickly with less invasive treatment.

This in turn benefits the employee by helping them resume their normal day-to-day and work activities more quickly, thereby relieving some of the financial strain that may be associated with time away from work. Meanwhile the employer also benefits by having fewer OSHA reportable and recordable events on their record and by maintaining their workforce and productivity. Often the worker will have certain temporary restrictions while they are recovering, but they may still be able to safely perform many of their regular job tasks.

Patient Care Always Comes First

We also want to emphasize that patient care always comes first. Our recommendations and treatment plans are always designed to be in the best interest of the patient’s overall health and well-being.

Golden Triangle Emergency Center Offers Occupational Medicine Services

Golden Triangle Emergency Centers is committed to providing the next level of care and service to our patients. An important part of that is treating people in accordance with the entire context of their lives and situations, including their occupational lives. To do this we provide around the clock care for occupational injuries.

What Is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational Medicine, Occ-Med for short, is a branch of medicine that is active in the discipline of occupational health. It aims to ensure that people are safe and healthy at work and in a physical condition that is safe and suitable for the job. It also ensures that first aid services at the worksite are effective and in accordance with medical standards. It allows for a shared decision making approach that takes the entire context into account and focuses on the well being of the patient throughout the process.

The Benefits of Occupational Medicine

People’s occupations are their livelihoods, supplying a stream of income that provides for their families and makes their ways of life possible. It is thus crucial that sick or injured people be restored to a safe, healthy condition that will allow them to return to work with minimal disruption and that will not interfere with their long-term ability to perform the duties of job. Occupational medicine helps reduce the number of sick days a patient needs to take and gets them back on the job more quickly. This in turn also helps minimize disruption at jobsites and provides a great benefit to both patients and their employers. Meanwhile doctors and medical staff benefit by having access to a fuller picture of their patient’s life. They are able to come up with treatment strategies that are most effective and suitable for the particular patient and they can be sure that once the patient return to work his or her health will continue to be a top priority. This also helps decrease OSHA reportable and recordable events and results in greater productivity once the employee returns to work.<

GTEC’s Emergency Occ-Med Program

GTEC’s ER physicians will consult with Occ-Med provider and thoroughly discuss treatment options to arrive at the best choice for the patient. The Occ-Med providers will also provide case management that includes calling plants and work facilities and coming up with a plan of care designed to ensure the safety and well-being of patient. Our care for occupational injuries will provide greater peace of mind for the patient and allow them to focus on resting and getting better, comfortable in the knowledge that their workplace is already in the loop and that their health is the top priority.

GTEC provides concierge level care that takes the full needs of that patient into consideration. We realize that in the Golden Triangle region many people have important, physically demanding jobs and that they need to be in their best condition to perform them. By providing our patients with 24/7 emergency care for occupational injuries we are confident that they will get the medical care they need to continue to excel at work and in their personal lives.