August Is Pay It Forward Month with GTEC

At GTEC we are always looking for fun, creative ways to engage with our local community and effect positive change. That is why we are so excited to announce that for the month of August 2016 we are hosting a Pay It Forward month. This initiative is designed to inspire people throughout the Golden Triangle region to help each other and pay the kindness forward. Best of all you could win $500 in one of our drawings!

Post a Video or Picture on our Facebook Page

Our Pay It Forward initiative is designed to leverage the power of social media to spread this positive message and helpful spirit to as many people as possible. If you’d like to participate simply take a picture or record a video of you paying it forward and then post it to our Facebook page. You’ll then be officially entered into the contest and have chance to win $500!. Each of our two facilities, in Orange, Texas and in Port Arthur, Texas, will hold its own $500 drawing.

Pay It Forward All Month!

This event will last for the entire month of August, ensuring you’ll have plenty of time commit a random act of kindness. So what are you waiting for? Pay it forward and enter for a chance to win $500.
We hope that this event encourages everyone to continue to pay the good things in their lives forward and to look for opportunities to help others. Not only can you effect positive change in the world by paying it forward, but studies also show that those who are more socially engaged and connected with their communities have healthier, happier lives.

Let’s all work together to spread those acts of kindness to as many people as we can! If you want to take part in this event simply post your act of goodwill to our Facebook page. Please contact us if you have any questions about the Pay It Forward initiative, and remember GTEC is always open, 24/7, to help you through any major or minor health emergency.