BFurlough Square

Breanne Furlough, B.B.A.

Director of Marketing for Mid-County Golden Triangle Emergency Center

Hometown: Orangefield, Texas

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, University of Texas Arlington

Growing up, Breanne was a member of Mu Alpha Theta, multiple scholastic clubs including art history and government, sports medicine, drill team and softball. She is very passionate when it comes to learning new things and serving her community. Breanne has assisted with multiple natural disaster relief projects, tutoring, local clean ups, school events, little league baseball, and fundraisers to name a few.  She is very dedicated and driven, but most of all values and sets customer service and integrity as her top priorities.  Aside from her career, Breanne is a mom of two boys and is extremely family oriented.  In her down time, she finds joy in graphics design, reading, and making memories.