Essential Information About Men’s Health

As a culture, we often explicitly or implicitly tell men that they need to be tough. That they cannot get sick and must continue with their work and goals, no matter what. Unfortunately, this is both unrealistic and also potentially very harmful to their health. At Golden Triangle Emergency Center we want to provide our patients and community as a whole with the information they need to make smart choices about their health. That is why we put together this brief informational guide about men’s health.

Health Facts about Men

It should come as no surprise that ignoring a health concern or illness can have disastrous effects. Consider the following statistics about men’s health.

  • Since 1920, men, on average, went from living one year less than women to dying almost five years earlier.
  • Men have higher rates of death from major health issues, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, injuries, and suicide.
  • Hearing loss for men is two times higher than the rate for women.
  • A man’s testosterone can be linked to higher LDL (bad cholesterol) and decreased HDL (good cholesterol).

Why Are Men at a Higher Risk of Mortality?

There are multiple reasons why men are at an increased risk of injury or death. One leading cause is the occupations and hobbies men often pursue. While of course women may also pursue such activities, men are typically found in higher numbers in more dangerous occupations, such as firefighting, construction and mining. Many men also enjoy more injury-prone recreational activities like extreme sports, hunting, or camping.

Society also encourages men to be strong, making some feel that going to a doctor or professional may seem weak. Unhealthy lifestyles that may include, for example, smoking and excessive use of alcohol or drugs but they contribute to a shorter and less healthy life.

Leading Causes of Death

The leading causes of death is higher for men in some categories. These include heart disease, chronic lower respiratory disease, diabetes, pneumonia, and HIV infection, as well as many cancers. There is a much greater chance of treating these diseases successfully if a man gets an early prognosis and essential treatment. By contrast women suffering from these same illnesses are more likely to seek treatment earlier in the progression of the disease or to catch an illness sooner as a result of more frequent checkups and routine tests.


Men sometimes seem to feel that they do not need to see a doctor. Unlike women, who are more likely to visit a doctor yearly for exams and preventative services, many men believe that they can wait until something more serious develops. As life expectancy has increased and the quality of medical care has advanced men as a whole have shown this to be true. Additionally serious, chronic illnesses can significantly diminish the quality of life for the sufferer even if they do not kill them.

At Golden Triangle Emergency Center we are committed to improving the health and quality of life for all of our patients, including men. We encourage all of our male patients to seek prompt medical care for any illness, injury, or health condition and to receive routine medical exams and tests as directed by their doctors. We also want to remind all readers that for health concerns both major or minor, Golden Triangle Emergency Center is here to help with industry-leading medical care.