Going The Extra Mile For Our Patients And Community

Golden Triangle Emergency Center always prides itself on going the extra mile for our patients and delivering next level medical care. However life is full of little coincidences and sometimes people need assistance in other ways too. Recently we had the opportunity to go that extra mile for one of our patients. Check out the video to hear the story from our patient’s point of view.

From Car Trouble

As she explains in the short clip, she was recently out running errands when she got back to her car and found that it would not start. Fortunately a kind stranger happened along and was able to help her get her car running again. However, that wasn’t to be the last time their paths would cross that day.

To Feverish Babies

Later that day, the woman’s baby developed a fever. This is a scary and urgent situation for every parent, but fortunately the woman decided to quickly take her straight to Golden Triangle Emergency Center. This decision was easy for her because she had heard that our staff was kind, caring, and committed to making medical emergencies easier and more comfortable for patients. That’s when the world proved to be a small place after all and who should happen to be the worried mother’s doctor but the same kind stranger who had stopped earlier to help her with her car!

Golden Triangle Emergency Center Goes the Extra Mile for Our Patients and Community

This story is just one example of the countless ways Golden Triangle Emergency Center always strives to go the extra mile for people in our community, whether they are strangers out in town or patients right here within our walls. Our doctors, nurses, and other staff are dedicated to serving the community and making things better for those around us.