Golden Triangle Emergency Centers Celebrates EMS Week

Every year emergency medical services (EMS) save countless American lives by springing into action at the first sign of a medical emergency. EMS workers are trained to handle everything from serious illness to sudden traumatic injury and it is their speed, efficiency, and good judgment that often marks the difference between a fatal or permanently debilitating injury or a fully recoverable health event. Sunday, May 17th through Saturday, May 23rd marks National EMS Week.

What Is National EMS Week?

National EMS Week is a yearly celebration designed to honor EMS workers and the invaluable service they provide while also bringing awareness to emergency services. Emergency services include the paramedics, ambulance service, emergency room nurses and doctors, and the vast network of hospitals, trauma centers, rehabilitation facilities, and other specialty care centers located throughout the country, both in the private and public sectors.

How Is National EMS Week Celebrated?

There’s no one way to celebrate National EMS Week. It is being celebrated in a wide variety of ways all across the country. In New York City for example the Empire State Building is being lit up in yellow, white, and blue and a siren halo to celebrate EMS Week and the fire department. Meanwhile in other parts of the country fundraisers are being held with the proceeds going toward special health or safety causes. For example in Glacier Country, MT EMS personnel are donating their time to a full service grocery bagging and carry out event to raise money.

Still elsewhere in NAPA County, CA EMS personnel are reuniting with the survivors of near-fatal cardiac events whose lives they saved. In Daytona, FL EMS workers are being honored with a special BBQ celebration. Finally, there are also educational events like the CPR Worldwide Challenge, which helps people learn life-saving skills.

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate Golden Triangle Emergency Centers hopes you’ll take a few moments to honor and celebrate the hard work and life-saving expertise of your local EMS workers. We are extremely gratified to be a part of our country’s emergency medical system and to deliver consistent, quality care when it is most needed.