GTEC Announces the Fall Winners of the Lamar State College Orange Nursing Scholarships

Golden Triangle Emergency Center is pleased to support the next wave of skilled nursing professionals by providing four scholarships yearly to students at Lamar State College Orange who are enrolled full time in a Registered Nursing (RN) Program or a Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN) Program and who meet all the requirements of our scholarship program including a 3.0 or higher GPA and an 800-word essay describing why the applicant has chosen nursing as their career, their future plans after graduation, and why they feel they should be awarded the scholarship.

Today we are happy to announce the fall 2018 winners: Darlene Kunze and Kerstin Richard.

Darlene Kunze Is GTEC’s 2018 Fall Semester LVN Scholarship Recipient from Lamar State College -Orange

Darlene Kunze was awarded a $250 scholarship from Golden Triangle Emergency Center’s Orange facility on Friday, October 19th. Darlene been a Certified Medical Assistant and five years ago began taking classes to advance to the next stage of her career and become an LVN. She is raising her two grandchildren, Jordan 10 and Shayla 14, and notes that they provide the inspiration for everything she does. Darlene has also overcome addiction and has eleven years of sobriety. She models this positive transformation to her adult daughter who is also working to turn her life around.

“Daily I continue to show my daughter that anything is possible with dedication and really hard work. She has made 7 months clean and sober by the grace of God and there is hope for her still. I first began a career in the medical field not knowing that I would even have an opportunity to make my dream come true. As the years went by I have continued to pick up more skills, and knowledge and confidence.”

We are very impressed by all that Darlene has achieved and we are confident that she has a bright future ahead of her as an LVN and are delighted to award her a $250 scholarship.

Kerstin Richard Is GTEC’s 2018 Fall Semester RN Scholarship Recipient from Lamar State College -Orange

Kerstin Richard was awarded a $500 scholarship from Golden Triangle Emergency Center’s Orange facility on Monday, October 21st. Kerstin became a Certified Nursing Assistant in 2014 upon graduating high school and immediately enrolled in the LVN program at Lamar State College – Orange, which she completed in 2016. Now an LVN she is attending classes to become an RN. She worked as an LVN at a nursing home until Hurricane Harvey damaged the facility. Kerstin stayed onsite until all her patients were rescued and safe.

“I stayed at the facility for four nights and five days. Those were the longest days of my life, but I was glad I was able to help my patients and keep them safe. That was definitely a nightmare I will never forget.”

Meanwhile, Kerstin was also facing flooding at her home. Through it all Kerstin persevered and soon found a new job at a cardiologist’s office. We are pleased to assist her on the next leg of her journey with a $500 scholarship.

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