GTEC Continues Flood Relief Efforts

Recently we discussed the devastating storms and flooding that had hit the Golden Triangle area, in particular the cities of Orange and Deweyville. While progress is definitely being made toward cleaning up the area and helping those in need there is still much to do and Golden Triangle Emergency Center is committed to helping. In particular we want to provide resources to protect the health of those who have been affected or who are helping with relief efforts.

Angela Webb, our Director of Nursing, and Kari Busch, our Director of Marketing, were recently interviewed by Nicole Murray with CBS channel 6 affiliate KFDM about GTEC’s relief efforts in the area.

Protect Yourself and Others with Tetanus Shots

One of the first pieces of advice Angela Webb offered was a reminder that anyone who had not had their tetanus shot in the last five years should get a new one to help protect themselves in others. The standing water makes the environment ripe for tetanus and the accompanying illness and infections it causes. Particularly at risk are those who are immunocompromised like the elderly, small children, or those with existing medical conditions.

As Angela Webb mentioned, GTEC has already donated about 100 tetanus shots to first responders and those in the Deweyville area who are in need. We are also always on hand, 24 hours a day, to provide shots and trauma treatment to those who have been hurt due to the flood.

Working with the Community in this Time of Need

GTEC is proud to have the opportunity to pitch in and work with our local community during this time of need. As Kari Busch discusses in the interview, GTEC is locally owned and operated and many of our employees have been personally affected by the flood. It is inspiring to see these hard working men and women coming to work each day with a smile and good attitude, eager to help others while they themselves may be living out of hotels or struggling with their own cleanup.

GTEC’s doctors and staff and their families have also been donating their time and energy toward the relief efforts and GTEC is continuing to accept donations at our facilities for those who want to give. We will make sure that donated food and goods reaches those in need. Kari Busch also emphasized the way the community was pulling together in this time of crisis with everyone from other medical facilities like Beaumont Bone & Joint to the coffee shop in Winnie to countless individuals throughout the area giving generously.

As always, if you or a loved one has been injured or sick, whether due to the flood or any other cause, rest assured that Golden Triangle Emergency Center is here for you any time of the day or night.