GTEC Is Accepting Flood Relief Donations

Recently heavy rainfall throughout Southeast Texas and the Golden Triangle Region resulted in major flooding along the Sabine River. Water levels reached historic highs and nearly 20 counties throughout the area have been affected. This in turn resulted in mandatory evacuations for thousands of people who live along the Sabine River. Especially hard hit were the towns of Deweyville and Orange.

GTEC Is Accepting Flood Relief Donations

A temporary shelter has been set up at Lamar University’s Montagne Center by the American Red Cross to house those who have been displaced and to provide emergency relief. Golden Triangle Emergency Center is currently accepting donations of relief items and is coordinating with First Responders to ensure that the donated goods reach those who are in need. Donations can be made at either our Orange or Mid-County locations.

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GTEC Provides Emergency Medical Treatment

Our hearts go out to everyone in our community and the surrounding area who has been affected by this devastating flood. As always, GTEC is also providing emergency medical treatment during this time of need. We can help care for wounds and other flood-related, or non-flood related, injuries.

With the high waters animals have also been displaced such as alligators and snakes. We encourage everyone to take extra precautions to stay safe during this trying time. Make sure to treat wounds and any other injuries promptly to avoid infections. Remember not to neglect care for on-going conditions or chronic illnesses. Golden Triangle Emergency Center is committed to helping everyone in our community stay safe and healthy. Together we can overcome this emergency. Please consider donating relief items at either of locations in Orange or Mid-County if you are able.