GTEC Takes the Healthy Living Habits Presentation on the Road!

Golden Triangle Emergency Center recently hosted a field trip at our Port Arthur location for 116 local-area 4th graders to teach them about the importance of healthy living habits. As we’ve stated before, we feel that it is extremely important to teach kids these lessons early because the habits they pick up now can last a lifetime. However, we realize that it isn’t always possible for students to come that’s why we are pleased to announce that we have taken our Healthy Living Habits presentation on the road to different schools to educate students about these crucial health habits.


Identifying Health Habits and Avoiding Illness

In the presentation we teach kids how to identify healthy habits and the importance of washing their hands, eating a healthy diet, and incorporating good hygiene practices like showering, applying deodorant, and brushing their teeth. We also inform the students about some key points like how long most people wash their hands versus how long someone actually needs to, when it is most important for someone to wash their hands, and what are some of the most common dirtiest items we come into contact with. Knowing the various ways that illnesses are spread is crucial in helping to avoid illness and infections.


An Emphasis on Relevant Information

Let’s face it, even as adults it is often difficult to remember information that doesn’t directly affect your daily life and this is especially true for kids. Most teachers have probably encountered the ‘when will I ever need to know this?’ question at least a few times in their careers. That’s why GTEC makes sure to include information on issues that kids are naturally curious about and can easily be applied to their daily lives. For example we discuss what causes both body odor and bad breath and how to avoid these problems. Sports are also a major part of kids’ lives and that’s why we emphasize the importance of avoiding concussions as well as some common signs and symptoms.


Life Long Good Health and Avoiding Bad Habits

For many people, two of the most destructive and dangerous habits they pick up are smoking and irresponsible alcohol use. That’s why it is extremely important to educate kids about these dangers and what these substances can do to their bodies. We discuss the harm these substances can do on developing brains and bodies and how to avoid peer pressure.

We have been extremely pleased with the results of the Healthy Living Habits presentation and we are excited for the opportunity to share this information with kids. We hope it inspires a lifetime of good health and cultivates a natural curiosity and desire to learn more about staying healthy and living well.

Golden Triangle Emergency Center’s goal is always to provide the resources, including health information our community needs to stay safe and healthy. However, when sickness or injuries do strike, Golden Triangle Emergency Center is there 24/7, 365 days a year with gold standard in emergency and industrial care.

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