October 8th, 2014 – Emergency Nurses Day

What is Emergency Nurses Day? Well, here at GTEC, it’s lots of goodies to eat and lots of appreciation given to our staff by our Physician Partners.

Here’s what I found online:

“Promoted and sponsored by the Emergency Nurses Association and having originated in Australia back in 1989, Emergency Nurses Day is now an international celebration, intended to honour the hard work and dedication of emergency nurses all around the world.

Why do emergency nurses warrant special appreciation? Well, quite simply, because they make a huge difference to sick, injured and even dying people every single day, offering vital assistance and support.

Nursing as a profession requires a special level of compassion and nurses working in hospital emergency wards face numerous difficulties during their working life, yet still return every day to provide crucial care for those who need it the most.

A special focus is placed on Emergency Nurses Day, which forms one part of a wider celebration, called Emergency Nurses Week. Various events are held around the world, in order to give thanks and show support for those who choose to work in this essential profession.” –

Our nursing staff is the best! Our partners have put together the “A” Team of emergency care. ……. thanks for all you do – everyday!