Staying Safe Around Fireworks

Fireworks are an amazing sight to see and are often the focal point of holiday celebrations. Whether they are going off for the 4th of July, a New Year’s Eve celebration, or something else noteworthy, a fireworks display can be enjoyable for the whole family to watch. However, you should always be mindful whenever you are around fireworks because they can also be extremely dangerous. There are certain precautions you should take any time you are near firecrackers or other pyrotechnics. If injury does occur, it is important for the injured person to seek immediate medical treatment from Golden Triangle Emergency Center or another qualified medical facility. Prevention is the best medicine though and that is why we put together this quick guide to staying safe around fireworks.

Let the Experts Handle the Fireworks

Setting off your own fireworks can be fun because you are seeing them up close and personal, but you are also greatly increasing your odds of experiencing an injury. Sometimes the best course of action is to attend a public fireworks demonstration in the city where you are out of harm’s way and trained professionals are taking care of everything. Laws differ from place to place, and lighting your own fireworks can sometimes be illegal. Therefore, the safest and most legal option is often to simply find a nice place to set up camp and watch your city’s professional fireworks show.

Be Prepared When Handling Fireworks

If you do decide to light your own fireworks, then you must be ready for anything. That means having a fire extinguisher and a bucket of water nearby in case a firecracker catches fire in nearby shrubbery or if a firework fails to go off. You should never pick fireworks up by hand when disposing of them, instead douse them with water and then dispose of them accordingly.

Be Wary of Sparklers

Sparklers are often seen as a fun addition to a fireworks party because children enjoy running around with the bright lights. However, they can still get extremely hot and can cause severe burns if they get too close to the skin. If you do choose to give your children sparklers, make sure they are supervised. It may be best to just eliminate the sparklers altogether and give the kids glow sticks, which can be just as fun and last longer.

Additional Tips

Some other points to keep in mind to increase your chances of having a safe celebration are:

  • Never consume alcohol while dealing with fireworks.
  • Ignite fireworks in a clear area outside and never point a firework in the direction of a person, car, or house.
  • Never use a homemade firework.
  • Never let young children light a firework.
  • Make sure children are supervised if there are fireworks around.

By following some standard safety guidelines, you and your family can have a safe and enjoyable time together. If someone does get hurt, it is imperative that they receive prompt medical care. Golden Triangle Emergency Center is here 24/7 to provide quality care — including on holidays, weekends, or nights when firework displays are most common.