Celebrating National Nurses Week With a GTEC Nurse

Celebrating National Nurses Week With a GTEC Nurse

There are nearly 3 million nurses in the U.S., which makes them the largest professional group in the country.

Not only are nurses the primary providers of patient care, they’re also the main dispensers of long-term care. In many ways, nurses aren’t just medical professionals. They’re also caretakers and support systems.

For National Nurses Week, we’d like to celebrate these women and men who dedicate their lives to the care of others. Keep reading to learn more about nurses in the emergency room with one of our own, Annie Kovatch, RN.

Celebrating National Nurses Week With a GTEC Nurse
What made you want to be a nurse?

I’ve always loved science. Healthcare, especially in the ER, is always changing, making it more interesting than a static career choice. I also have a tendency to care for those that are in need. I love the critical thinking involved with emergency care and the way some patients are like a puzzle you have to figure out.

What does a typical day at GTEC look like for you?

We usually see a significant amount of patients coming to us in hopes of a diagnosis due to their primary care physician being unable to resolve their problems, or the patient is unable to find anyone to help them. Occasionally, we see patients that need immediate, emergency medical attention. We’re also able to take care of occupational health and work accidents, which can be interesting as well.

How does your job impact the patient’s emergency care experience?

As the RN, we start every patient experience with triage. I think that we have to set a precedent and atmosphere for the visit. Most patients come to us in some of their most vulnerable states and our  job is to be there for the patient emotionally as well as for their physical health.

What’s it like working at a freestanding facility, and specifically, your facility?

I love working at a freestanding. The comradery and the ability to bond and develop relationships with our patients is my favorite part. Before, while at a large trauma center, we were all so busy we didn’t have time to spend with the patient and learn about their essential medical history. Having the opportunity to get to know our patients is a great advantage to working at a freestanding emergency center, like Golden Triangle Emergency Center.

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