Women’s Health Concerns

In a month marked by Women’s History and International Women’s Day, the health of women in the family come to the forefront of many people’s minds. Whether you’re thinking about mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, or even your health, there are certain conditions and concerns that are important for women to think about. To help all of the women in our community be aware of their unique health needs, Golden Triangle Emergency Center wants to discuss these risks.

Circulatory Conditions

While things like heart attacks and strokes are some of the leading causes of death in both men and women, these conditions are more likely to be fatal for women. In the case of heart attacks, women are more likely to die directly from them, since their symptoms can often manifest slowly or go unnoticed. Strokes, on the other hand, are more likely to occur in women due to factors involving hormonal changes which can occur before and after pregnancy, as well as post-menopausal hormonal shifts.

To help monitor and mitigate these conditions, it is important for women to talk to their doctors about any health and hereditary risks concerning heart attacks and strokes. Taking the right steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle early can go a long way towards preventing these serious conditions later in life.

Mental Illnesses

As awareness of conditions like depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues increases, so have the studies concerning who suffers from them the most. According to a 2016 publication by The Lancet, women are twice as likely to develop depression in their lifetime than men are. This can be due to a variety of genetic and environmental factors, but one of those factors often has to do with stress.

Women have generally higher stress levels, according to surveys conducted by the American Psychological Association. Stress levels in women have tended to go up in recent years, and this can contribute to mental illnesses, as well as physical health conditions. It makes monitoring stress important for women in every family.  Women need to be able to speak up about their stress levels and seek help when necessary, even if that means from a counselor or a psychiatrist.

Bone Strength

It’s no secret that conditions like osteoporosis tend to occur more often in women, but did you know that women are also more likely to suffer from arthritis? Both of these conditions, which are tied into the strength of bones and tendons over time, affect many women later in life.

To help combat this natural weakening of the bones, women should make an extra effort to be mindful of their bone health. Incorporate multivitamins and bone-strengthening foods into your diet and engage in consistent weight-training exercises. Even very light weight lifting with small dumbbells can help to strengthen joints and bones early in life and set the building blocks for a strong body later down the line.

Golden Triangle Emergency Center encourages all of the wonderful women in our community to consider their health. A woman’s health and longevity are more than just annual check-ups. Women should talk with their doctors about any family history of concerns they have concerning heart health, bone health, and even mental illness. In the case of any medical emergencies, then our staff of highly-trained doctors and nurses are on call 24/7 to give you the compassionate care you deserve.

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