A Child Safe Car Could Save Lives

By Jenny Holt

Every year, over 120,000 children under the age of 13 are injured as a result of a car accident. 600 more children do not survive the accidents. Whether they were inside the car or nearby when the accident happened, there is a lot drivers and parents can do to ensure their car is child safe. These changes range from habits and safe driving to more technical changes.

We parents and drivers have a responsibility to ensure our cars are well maintained, that we only drive when able to do so and when safe to do so, and to make sure items such as child car seats and booster seats are well installed. For example, these are 6 common mistakes parents make:

  1. 1. Using the wrong kind of car seat
  2. 2. Not registering the seat with the manufacturer
  3. 3. Not securing the seat adequately to the vehicle
  4. 4. Not securing the child to the seat properly
  5. 5. Not using booster seats for older children
  6. 6. Ignoring car seat recalls

However, there are more fundamental changes we can make. Of those killed each year, 35% of them were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. To learn more, check out this expert guide on how to make your car child safe.

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