Imaging & Laboratory Services


Golden Triangle Emergency Centers offer state-of-the-art imaging and laboratory services that are designed to provide patients with high quality, attentive emergency services and fast, reliable results. Our imaging and laboratory capabilities are a crucial part of our mission to deliver the absolute best emergency care possible. Every test and scan performed in our facility is carefully evaluated by a highly trained, expert doctor, radiologist, or technician, ensuring that our patients receive accurate diagnoses.

GTEC’s Imaging & Laboratory Services

Our imaging and laboratory services include the following major areas:

  • CT Scans
  • Ultrasounds
  • X-rays
  • COLA Certified Stat Laboratory Testing

Our facility uses the most modern, advanced equipment and technology and couples this with effective, proven methodologies in order to yield highly accurate and precise results. GTEC is a trusted name in the area for quality, dependable imaging and laboratory services.

The Importance of Imaging & Laboratory Services

These services play a crucial role in effective emergency treatment. CT scans and X-rays are invaluable resources that allow doctors to rapidly determine the severity, type, and location of a patient’s injuries, thus allowing for prompt treatment. Meanwhile, tools like ultrasounds help to identify blockages, abnormalities, and other health issues that pose a potential future risk to patients or that could already be negatively affecting them.

COLA is a nationally recognized accreditation organization. It is physician-directed and designed to promote better lab and testing practices. COLA provides educational programs and consultations that in turn help to ensure that the lab is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements and that lab results are as accurate as possible. GTEC is proud to be COLA certified.