Occupational Medicine

Golden Triangle Emergency Centers are committed to offering our patients the absolute best medical care services possible. A large part of providing top quality care is tailoring treatment to comprehensively meets all of a given patient’s needs and to smoothly integrate into their daily lives. For most people, a major area of life is their work and career. Thus, Golden Triangle Emergency Centers have developed emergency care for occupational injuries and providing occupational medicine to insure that patients are fit for work and duties.

What Is Occupational Medicine?

Occupational Medicine, or occ-med as it is sometimes known for short, focuses on the occupational health of the patient. Occupational Medicine strives to make sure that the patient is completely fit for work duties and can perform all such duties without negatively impacting their recovery or overall health. In addition, occupational medicine is also focuses on ensuring that the workplace environment is safe and isn’t creating a dangerous or toxic environment for employees.

To accomplish these goals occ-med takes the full range of a patient’s life and work conditions into consideration when determining appropriate surgeries, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and other treatments. Occupational medicine thus ensures that a patient’s treatment program is fully optimized to meet the demands of their work lives.

Why Is Occupational Medicine a Crucial Part of Treatment

Occupational medicine is a crucial part of medical treatment because a person’s job or career is typically one of the most important areas of life. People spend a great deal of time at work and it is their jobs that provide the resources they need to provide themselves and their families with basic life necessities and life enrichment alike. Thus, it is important for sick or hurt workers to undergo a treatment program that will have them back on their feet and soon as possible so that they can continue with their day-to-day lives and job responsibilities without fear of compromising their recoveries or harming their overall health.

Our emergency care for occupational injuries also aims to reduce the number of sick days needed and to minimize disruption at the workplace. This makes occupational facet an extremely beneficial program both to patients as well as their employers. Additionally, occ-med even helps doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals by providing insight into the patients’ lives and helping inform treatment within the full context of patient lives.

Occupational medicine is also a proven means of helping to decrease the number of OSHA reportable and recordable events. This in turn benefits employers and employees alike.

GTEC’s Emergency Care for Occupational Injuries

Golden Triangle Emergency Centers have implemented a top-quality emergency care for occupational injuries. Our ER physicians consult with occupational medicine provider and together create a treatment program designed to be most beneficial to the patient. The minutes surrounding an emergency and initial treatment taken have a major impact on recovery and it is beneficial to conside occupational medicine treatment options. Golden Triangle Emergency Centers have on-site, board-certified physicians who are available 24/7 to provide emergency medical care. This allows GTEC to fill an important role for the entire hardworking Golden Triangle region by ensuring that everyone has access to top quality medical care and emergency treatment.