GTEC Announces the Winners of the Pay It Forward Initiative

In August GTEC held the Pay It Forward Initiative, which was developed as a way for GTEC to recognize and encourage positive change throughout our communities. Those wishing to participate were encouraged to do something helpful for others and submit a video or picture of themselves in the act of helping. Alternatively, other people were encouraged to nominate someone and submit the picture or video on their behalf. The Pay It Forward Initiative was a month-long contest with individuals entered into a drawing to win $500 at the end of the month, with each of our two locations holding its own drawing. All of the nominee’s names were placed in a larger bowl and the winners were pulled from there. We’re excited to announce the winners!

GTEC Port Arthur Selects Trey as Their Winner!

Trey Winner

Golden Triangle Emergency Center’s Mid-County/Port Arthur location selected Trey. Trey was nominated by his fiancée, Kaleigh Dixon. Here’s what she had to say about his selfless act:

“Trey is seriously the sweetest even to a perfect stranger! The other day when we were driving around, a truck a few cars ahead of us lost all of their materials in the middle of the street. Instead of just driving around it like everyone else was doing, Trey said, “nope I’ve got time”. He then pulled over, turned on his flashers, and helped the family load their belongings back into their truck. I’m so lucky to have such a genuinely sweet guy as my future husband! #doesntmeetastranger #thereisstillgoodintheworld Golden Triangle Emergency Center”

Trey Helps

It certainly takes a very kind and thoughtful person to put his day on hold and help a stranger in need. I think we can all relate to being in a difficult and stressful situation like that family whose things were scattered all over the street. Let’s hope Trey’s kindness rubs off on others and encourages more people to go the extra miles for those in need.

GTEC Orange Selects Laura Andrade as Their Winner!

Laura Winner

Golden Triangle Emergency Center’s Orange, TX location selected Laura Andrade. Laura was nominated by Gloria Loftus who was impressed by her years of community service and tireless dedication to helping those in need. Here’s what Gloria had to say about Laura:

“My admiration to this lady grows more and more every day. Her name is Laura Andrade , for the past 18 years or so she has given her time to an organization called Some Other Place, which provides meals for the poor, elderly or any one in need. She was given a route and delivers to a group of people every Wednesday. All the people she brings a meal to, respect and greet her with such love. She herself is 89 years old but whether she is sick or the weather is bad she is ready a prepared for her route. I admire her so much and I hope I can follow in her footsteps.”

Laura Helps

Laura is indeed an inspiration to us all! It takes a very special lady to spend her golden years looking out for the needs and well being of others. Let’s hope we all have as much energy and compassion as Laura, regardless of our ages. The community of Orange is certainly much better off thanks to Laura and people like her who go out of their way for others.

Keep Paying It Forward!

Even though our August Pay It Forward campaign has ended, GTEC wants to encourage everyone to keep paying it forward every month of the year. There will always been someone in need and if we all look for opportunities to help we can truly make our communities even greater! Meanwhile, if a health emergency, big or small, arises remember that GTEC Orange and GTEC Port Arthur are both open 24/7/365 to provide the gold standard in emergency care with shorter wait times, a comfortable environment, and a caring, attentive team of doctors, nurses, and staff.