GTEC to Host a Health Fair

Golden Triangle Emergency Center is committed to providing residents of the Golden Triangle with the resources they need to live long, healthy lives. Our two locations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide next level care and medical attention. However, prevention is always the best medicine and that is why we are excited to be hosting a health fair in conjunction with TotalCare to provide vaccines, physicals, and other preventative measures.

About the Health Fair

The Health Fair will take place on different days at each of our locations. The first health fair will take place on Saturday, May 7th at our Port Arthur location from 10:00am-2:00pm:

Golden Triangle Emergency Center – Port Arthur
8035 Memorial Blvd.
Port Arthur, TX 77640
*located right next to Cheddar’s restaurant
Phone: 409-237-5870
Fax: 409-237-5880

The second health fair will take place a week later on Saturday, May 14th at our Orange location from 10:00am-2:00pm:

Golden Triangle Emergency Center – Orange
3107 Edgar Brown Dr.
Orange, TX 77630
*Located next to the Burke’s Outlet Center
Phone: 409-920-4470
Fax: 409-920-4480

The health fairs are being presented in conjunction with TotalCare and we encourage everyone in the community and surrounding areas to come out for a fun event packed with health resources.

Get your Vaccines

A major part of preventing illness is in getting yourself and your children vaccinated. Research has consistently shown time and again that not only are vaccines extremely effective at preventing disease infection and limiting its spread, but they are also completely safe. We will be offering affordable vaccines for people of all ages and will also be accepting Medicaid & CHIP payments.

  • 1 vaccine: $20
  • 2 vaccines: $30
  • 3 vaccines: $40

As you can see from the price list above, not only are the vaccines as affordable as possible, but you will get a discount for multiple vaccines. Now is the perfect time to catch up on yours or your child’s immunizations.

Physicals Are Available

The Health Fair will also provide the perfect opportunity to have your child’s physical performed. A physical may be required before your child can participate in athletics at school. Physicals also provide a key resource for detecting health concerns and keeping kids healthy and safe. The costs for physicals are as follows:

  • Youth Physicals: $15
  • Junior High Physicals: $20
  • High School Physicals: $20

Heart Health Matters

In addition to vaccinations and physicals we will also be providing Cardiac and EKG screenings for only $40. We encourage everyone with known heart problems or a family history of heart problems to get screenings. Heart disease is a major killer in the US, but managing heart disease is completely possible. Careful monitoring and early diagnoses are key.

Entertainment Will be Provided

Our Health Fair will also feature fun, family-friendly entertainment. There will be face painting and a bounce house available to keep the little ones entertained. Meanwhile the whole family can enjoy delicious food and quality health resources.

HealthFair Full

For more information about the Health Fair please contact Kari Busch or Angela Webb by phone: 409-237-5870 or by email:

We look forward to seeing you there!